In the Process

Did you know that if you cut open a chrysalis at just the right time in its process, liquid goo will spill out? There is an actual space in time while the caterpillar is in the cocoon that neither his former nor future form exists. He does not panic, nor can he receive assistance from an outsider, he must remain in the chrysalis and trust his Creator to bring him all the way to his destiny.

This is a process we will all go through in life in our own way; uncertainty, stretching, and refining will mature us into the beautiful destiny that God has for us if we let it. We will not be able to lean on someone else to do the work for us, nor will panic and worry be of any help. Abiding in Christ through faith and trust alone will bring us through the process to the calling of God in our life. Within the journey of growth, lies the hidden treasures of life.

Goals will give us direction and focus when we learn to embrace growth, but goals alone will not serve to mature us if we are limited to attaining them.

We must seek to be growth-oriented, and not just a goal-oriented;Goals seek a destination, but growth seeks transformation.

Blessings in the process,







Feature Photo by Havilah Galaxy on Unsplash

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