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What’s Love Got to do With it?

Love, Amore, Laska, Armastus, Kaerlighed…. In whatever language you speak it, it’s a message of the heart, the very foundation of our soul’s journey. The Love Motivation “I love…” is a phrase we use often for many reasons, for example, I love my husband, I… Continue Reading “What’s Love Got to do With it?”

Learning to Receive

Oh how I love the idea of the finer things in life!  The big house, the well groomed yard, the luxury vehicle, New fangled electronics, a fit and healthy body, the latest trends hanging in my closet,  the little details and decorations adorning my home on all… Continue Reading “Learning to Receive”

Run Your Race

I really enjoy the movie Secretariat. If you haven’t ever seen it, I strongly reccommend it. There’s something so spectacular about a winner’s spirit, a fighter’s heart and a faith that could move mountains that just fires me up!  I have a passion to see people win in life, to rise… Continue Reading “Run Your Race”

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